Interview with Dr Bhakti Hinge, Founder of B’s Health and Fitness Club

Jigisha : Hello Dr. Bhakti. First of all thank you so much for giving me your precious time.

Dr bhakti : Hello Jigisha, the pleasure is all mine.

Jigisha : What inspired you to become a fitness coach?

Dr Bhakti : Well Jigisha, as know that I am Physiotherapist by profession and I handle many cases on a daily basis. I have seen people facing various health issues because of their lifestyle and later cribbing about those issues. As a Doctor, I felt that rather than treating someone after the situation gets worst why not treat them from the start of the issue. So, I came across the thought of doing courses related to physical fitness and well-being. It took me a long time to start my studio and make it successful but all the pain was worth it when I used to see my clients fit and healthy.

Jigisha : So Doc we have heard that you also mentor people about how to combat stress and anxiety issues?

Dr Bhakti : Yes you’re absolutely right. While conducting yoga, power yoga, zumba, etc classes I heard from a lot of my clients that they are going through immense stress and facing issues to overcome the same. Hence, I started providing them with small tips and guidelines that they could follow easily during their routine and lead a happy life.

Jigisha : Well, Thank You so much Dr. Bhakti Hinge for giving us your valuable time.

Dr. Bhakti : Anytime Jigisha. Stay Fit and Stress Free

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